A Teacher listening lab event

Anxious About Reopening This Fall?

Join your teaching peers for an open dialogue about reopening schools this fall.

There's no easy solution to returning to school this fall.

This Open Dialogue is for you if you're:

  • experiencing increasing anxiety as fall comes closer
  • still overwhelmed from the spring
  • feeling isolated with no one to talk to
  • in need for someone to listen

This month's session will focus on exercises and practices to manage your feelings about the fall school year.

Free Registration

via Zoom

July 15, 2020
4:00pm Pacific Time

Listening Labs are facilitated group dialogues structured to give teachers a place to talk and have someone to listen.

Structure of the hour:

  • Listening Exercises (30 min.)
  • Brief Teach Piece on PACE Listening (10 min.)
  • Paired Listening Sessions (20 min.)

Hosted by Project Marigold - a teacher wellness community.

Facilitated by Kyle Zamcheck

Kyle is a communication coach with a focus on improving emotional health through communication and listening skills.

As co-founder of Listenly, she is building a digital platform to connect people for empathy-based listening sessions.

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